The Top 10 Tools for Father’s Day

The Top 10 Tools for Father’s Day

1)      Cordless Drill Kit
The cordless drill is a household staple and is useful for a variety of applications. From drilling holes for hanging fixtures or curtains to driving screws on the latest project, a quality cordless drill is a must-have item.

The Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Kit is a top choice not only because of its heavy-duty construction, but also because Dad will get more for his money: the kit includes the drill, two batteries, charger, and bag, as well as a 25’ tape measure, 42-pc. drill bit set, and handy INKZALL jobsite marker.

2)      Reciprocating Saw
Reciprocating saws are the jack of all trades in the power tool world. Doing some demolition as you get started on a home renovation? Reciprocating saws will chew through 2x4s, plywood, or basically any type of wood you need to get rid of. Upgrading the plumbing system or slicing up some old pipe? Throw on a metal-cutting blade and have at it.

Milwaukee’s Sawzall line is popular for its reliability and ergonomics, and this 12A kit boasts a redesigned front grip, gear-protecting clutch, and comes with a carrying case.

3)      Circular Saw
Circular saws are especially important for making accurate cuts in various construction projects. You could be cutting 2x4s to the proper length for a swing set or ripping plywood sheeting down to fit on a roof or subfloor, and a good circular saw will be the right weapon for either job.

Makita’s power tool collection has 100 years of innovation behind it and their 7-1/4” 15A Magnesium Circular Saw offers a nice combination of price, usability (weighs just 10.6 lbs.) and technology (two built-in LED lights).

4)      Sander
A great Father’s Day choice because of their relatively low price and high value for a variety of applications, sanders are especially perfect for the craftsman in your home. There are several different kinds, including belt sanders, orbital sanders, and random-orbit sanders, but we’ll focus on the more versatile random-orbit category.

Random-orbit sanders will fit in the palm of your hand and are perfect for refinishing or repainting projects. Depending on the type of sandpaper you use, they can be used for smooth finishing or initial material removal.

Black & Decker’s 5” Random Orbit Finish Sander is an economical choice at just over $30 and delivers trusted durability.

5)      Miter Saw
Miter saws are essential for any carpentry job, as they’re a quick, powerful way to make accurate cuts at a variety of angles. When you’re framing doors or windows, or working with trim and molding, your cuts have to be accurate and often made at angles other than 90 degrees. A miter saw will let you make those pinpoint cuts and will miter to different angles.

DeWalt’s 12” Compound Miter Saw has plenty of power at 15A and 4,000 RPM, and has the capacity to cut through material up to 6-1/2” high or 2×8 horizontal pieces. Plus, you can pick one up for $50 off right now!

6)      Jigsaw
Jigsaws are best used for cutting detailed shapes or patterns in soft wood (making DIY house numbers, for example). They’re also useful for plunge cuts, and can also be used to cut thin tile or metal. With the right blade, they can also cut through embedded nails.

SKIL is known for their corded saws, and their 5.5A Jigsaw Kit is both powerful and user-friendly. The kit includes a carrying bag and two blades.

7)      Jig Kits
Though they may look foreign at first, Kreg Jig Kits can be incredibly useful. They’re best for drilling pocket holes – basically angled holes used to join pieces of wood together – leaving room for the head of the screw. If your Dad or husband is a DIYer that loves making furniture, Kreg Jig Kits are invaluable.

The K4 Master Pocket Hole Guide is an all-around good buy as it gives you everything you need to get started, including the jig system, face clamp, portable base, drill guide spacer, material support, dust collection attachment, drill bit, square drivers, screw and plug sets, as well as a how-to DVD.

8)      Table Saw
Table saws are extremely useful for making accurate cuts on larger pieces of wood, especially when you’re ripping a board down to a particular width. They’re also relatively easy to use and are compact pieces in your work space.

The SKILSAW 10” Worm Drive Table Saw is a heavy-duty tabletop model with a 25” cutting capacity. The things on the inside count too – brass gears and a Dual-Field motor help the saw run smoother and cooler.  A heavy-duty stand is available for purchase as well.

9)      Rotary Tool
Rotary tools are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. Dremel is the name to know in the rotary tool category, and their tools can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding, buffing, and much more thanks to a massive amount of available accessories.

Our Dremel High Performance Electric Rotary Tool Kit includes dozens of attachments and can be had for less than $90.

10)   Work Light
Last but not least, your DIYer could always use a good illuminated workspace – especially when working late into the night on some stubborn project. There are a lot of options for work lights, but sturdy, tripod models are some of the most popular.

Channellock’s LED Tripod Work Light is exclusive to Do it Best stores and features a powerful 2,500 lumen output. The head tilts and swivels up to 360 degrees and the telescoping base extends up to 5’ high.