Planting Tips for Spring Bulbs

Here at Gemmen’s Home and Hardware it is time to think SPRING! Planting spring bulbs, that is! So if you think that autumn’s the time to stop gardening, think again! Fall gardening is here and it’s bulb planting time. Daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, lily, crocus and more! Fall bulbs are loved by both beginner and master gardeners and we’re excited to help you get started! Stop by Gemmen’s Home and Hardware and speak to our Lawn and Garden specialists to help you get started! We have a large variety of spring bulbs in stock right now!

Bulb planting tips:

  • Plant your bulbs anytime before the ground freezes
  • Bulbs like sun! And remember, there is more sun in your yard in the spring because the trees are still blooming as well!
  • The Dutch say, “bulbs don’t like wet feet” so avoid areas where water tends to collect
  • In general, plant bulbs at a depth of three times the width of the bulb. This tends to be about 6” deep for a big bulb and 4” deep for a small bulb
  • Sandy soil – plant bulbs slightly deeper
  • Clay soil – plant bulbs slightly shallower
  • You can plant a bulb top up, lay it on its side or even plant it upside down! There’s no wrong answer!
  • After planting, back fill with soil, but do not pack it! Apply a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and water generously

Design ideas:

  • Plant bulbs in clusters! If you plant one single bulb or place them in a line the impact is less desirable. Clusters give a concentration of color. Even a small cluster can have a big impact come spring!
  • Scatter bulbs amongst landscaping for a natural look. The opposite of clustering, if your landscape allows you might want to consider scattering the bulbs amongst your existing plants in a purposeful manner to give a “spontaneous” look
  • Try a double-decker effect! You can plant small bulbs in a layer right on top of large bulbs. If you plant bulbs that flower in the same period you can create an interesting double-decker effect. Or stagger the bloom time for an entire season of color!

When it comes to fall bulbs you are only limited by your imagination! So take advantage of the beautiful, cooler autumn weather we are having and plant away! A few hours of work now can yield a season of beauty and color come spring!! Please stop on in to Gemmen’s Home and Hardware for all of your fall bulb needs! Or give us a call at 616-669-1118 with any questions you may have! Happy planting!!